Marek Kustosz

President of ‘Aware Man Institute’

For over 12 years, he has been involved with the area of health and implementation of educational projects, including many social campaigns raising awareness of Polish people, concerning preventative care and supporting patients in various therapeutic areas, carried out in co-operation with patient organisations, Scientific Societies, Foundations and Medical Centres. As an expert in healthcare communication and education, his paramount objective has for years been for the scientific and expert knowledge concerning health and primary and secondary prevention to be communicated clearly, transparently, efficiently and effectively to the whole society or selected groups.
He is passionate about new technologies and possibilities which are provided by new educational tools and support for patients and their families in the treatment process. He created various platforms and mobile applications which raise awareness, educate and support specific risk groups or patients such as PulmoInfo, Rzuć Go!, Piersi Badacze or Serce.
Apart from various workshops in oncology, cardiology, diabetes or geriatrics, carried out for patients and their families, he created such social campaigns as ‘Rak.To się leczy!’, ‘Moda na Serce’ or ‘Zdrowi Wiekowi’.
He is a member of the Polish Union of Patient Organisations, Heart for Cardiology Coalition and Heart for Diabetes.
Marek Kustosz is the author of reports concerning the state of Polish people’s health and analysis of the state of knowledge and primary prevention amongst employees of large companies in Poland.