Łukasz Balwicki, MD, Ph.D.

Public health specialist, assistant professor at the Public Health and Social Medicine Facility of the Medical University of Gdańsk

For over 10 years, he has been managing the University Clinic for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction. He is the author of many publications concerning tobacco control, including epidemiological aspects of using electronic cigarettes by the youth and anti-tobacco legislation. Author of practical guidebooks on assistance for people addicted to smoking cigarettes. He has co-ordinated many anti-tobacco programmes and campaigns carried out in co-operation with employers, local governments and government administration institutions. Author and leader of anti-tobacco policy programmes financed through grants from Bloomberg Initiative, carried out in co-ordination with the World Health Organization and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. He was the Deputy Director of the Social Development Department for public health at the City Council in Gdańsk. As an expert, he co-operates with the WHO and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and the National Institute of Public Health – PZH.
He is married and is a father of four children. He is interested in personal development, bringing up his children and maintaining a good work-life balance.