Elżbieta Puścińska MD, Ph.D

Adjunct, 2nd Lung Disease Clinic, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Institute

Doctor, graduate of the Warsaw Medical University, has a 1st degree specialization in internal diseases and 2nd degree specialization in lung diseases. Awarded a BC scholarship, editor (Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska (Polish Pneumonology and Allergology), 2011-2014), President of the Anti-Tobacco Section of PtChP (Polish Lung Disease Society), 2012-2018, member of the Scientific Council of the Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Institute (IGiChP) since 2015.
Co-author of 59 publications, own grant, participation in an international project (2007-2010) – Commission of the European Communities No. 2005121 ‘Monitoring indicators of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma in European Union countries’, IMCA II Acronym, member of ERS and Polish Lung Disease Society.