Beata Ambroziewicz

President, Polish Union of Patient Organisations, Representative of the patient community

President of the Polish Union of Patient Organisations ‘Citizens for Health’, board member of the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients, deputy president of the ‘Wygrajmy Zdrowie’ (Let’s Win Health’ Foundation, board member of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, deputy Editor in chief of Naczelny Głos Pacjenta Onkologicznego (Main Voice of Oncological Patient), member of the Steering Committee for the co-ordination of EFSI interventions in the health sector, member of the National Chamber of Development – Healthcare Section, Board member for the development of the National Oncological Strategy.
She studied Marketing and Management and graduated from Warsaw University. For over 10 years, she has been working with patient organisations, actively co-operating with non-governmental institutions, representatives of institutions associated with health, the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund (NFZ) and Patient Rights Ombudsmen. She is responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of country-wide projects financed from EU and Norwegian funds such as ‘Citizens for Health’, ‘Civic Association for Oncology’ or ‘Social monitoring of introduction and implementation of oncological package by the Ministry of Health’.
She organizes and participates in various domestic and international conferences, symposiums and training sessions dedicated to the subject of health and patient support. She promotes the constitutional rules of support, social dialogue and liaison, openness, solidarity and mutual support of unions, associations, federations, foundations and other patient organisations.
As part of an umbrella organisation of the Polish Union of Patient Organisations ‘Citizens for Health’, together with other representatives of the patient community, she shapes favourable social attitudes towards patient organisations, builds their reliable image, acts as a proponent of the patient community, strengthens industry, regional and international agreements, issues opinions on legislation and is the initiator of legislative changes. She is responsible for the preparation of standpoints and opinions concerning legislative, systematic and organizational changes within the scope of healthcare from the perspective of Polish patients.